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IEEE BHI-BSN 2022 Conference in Ioannina, Greece (27-30 September 2022)

On 27-30 September 2022 the IEEE-EMBS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BIOMEDICAL AND HEALTH INFORMATICS (BHI’22) was jointly organised with the 17th IEEE-EMBS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WEARABLE AND IMPLANTABLE BODY SENSOR NETWORKS (BSN’22) at Ioannina, Greece. This joint conference is focused on informatics and computing in healthcare and life sciences. The UOI team, led by Prof. Dimitris Fotiadis, was part of the organising committee of the BHI 2022 event. The conference was also available virtually.

The TO_AITION research work was showcased during the meeting with a poster presentation, while members of the UOI team chaired several sessions. All in all, the conference was a great opportunity to find out the advancements in the field, to have offline discussions on the upcoming developments, and to interact with the “informatics” community on different topics!

You can find the program of the meeting here.

Prof. D. Fotiadis Co-organiser of the BHI 2022 conference.

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