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1 Prof. Brenda Penninx.jpeg

Prof. Brenda Penninx

2 Dr. Femke Lamers associate professor.jpg

Femke Lamers

Associate professor

3 Dr. Yuri Milaneschi assistant professor.jfif

Yuri Milaneschi

Assistant professor

4 Arja Rydin, PhD student.jfif

Ms. Arja Rydin

PhD student

The Department of Psychiatry, location VUmc of Amsterdam UMC is embedded in the research institutes Amsterdam Neuroscience and Amsterdam Public Health. The department’s Depression research line is among the strongest depression research groups in Europe and houses the large, multi-site, longitudinal Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety. The research group has expertise in several fields, including modelling of longitudinal data, somatic-psychiatric comorbidity, -omics and genomics, as well as research in the area of stress.

VUmc contributes to the TO_AITION with data from the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA). This study has a rich, comprehensive data-collection covering depression diagnoses, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, lifestyle factors, biological (stress) systems including inflammation, various layers of omics, genetic, gene expression and epigenetic data. VUmc will participate in WP 1,2,3 and 6, providing access to data and providing analytical (man)power.



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