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Chloé Barat

EU project manager

ESC EU Projects Team is currently involvement in the management of 14 EU funded research projects (Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and IMI), often as a dissemination partner. Our role is fundamental to ensure the very latest scientific best practice is shared with as many cardiovascular practitioners, researchers and institutions as possible.


In the TO_AITION project, ESC is actively participating to dissemination, exploitation and awareness raising activities (WP8). In particular, ESC is in charge of the implementation of Awareness activities for CVD-depression multimorbidities directed to physicians, allied medical professionals (including nurses, medical technicians, trained caregivers etc) and patients. These activities are aiming at raising awareness on the magnitude of the problem, enhance general practitioners, cardiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists’ collaboration in patient management, and assist patients change their lifestyle or habits, seek early medical attention, understand the care and treatment choices available, and overall promote their own health. To that extend a series of online webinars will be organized during the project lifetime.

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