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1 Dr. Vangelis Andreakos, coordinator.jpg

Dr. Vangelis Andreakos, coordinator

3 Effrosyni Koronaiou,MSc PhD student.png

Effrosyni Koronaiou,

MSc PhD student

2 Eleftherios Pavlos, MSc.jpg

Eleftherios Pavlos, MSc

4 Dr. Maria Manioudaki.jpg

Dr. Maria Manioudaki

The Immunology Lab in BRFAA, Greece is led by Dr. Evangelos Andreakos (TO_AITION Coordinator). Eleftherios Pavlos is a mathematician with a Master’s in Bioinformatics, has worked on cardiovascular disease and is responsible for the analysis within the work packages related to disease networks. Effrosyni Koronaiou is a registered pharmacist with a Master’s in molecular biomedicine, has worked on animal models of psychosis in Parkinson’s disease and is responsible for the execution and analysis of the experiments on animal models. Maria Manioudaki, PhD, is a bioinformatician and will be involved in gene and disease network analysis, pathway analysis and integration of omics datasets.

Within the TO_AITION project, the group is responsible for the development of an experimental animal model of depression in a genetic background of atherosclerosis, in order to evaluate the immunological mechanisms underlying the development of comorbidity between the two diseases. Furthermore utilizing new genetically engineered mice they will investigate the role of innate training in the development of the comorbidity. The group will also participate in work packages related to functional genomic analysis in patient derived cells as well as in the development of a purpose-built human cell model for studying immune responsiveness. Furthermore, the group will contribute to the construction of disease networks to predict CVD-depression phenotypes; the identification of driver nodes of disease networks and causal relationships, rules and patterns.

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