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Prof. Eicke Latz

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The Latz laboratory employs systems immunology, unbiased experimental biology and human trials to decipher the most proximal mechanisms of innate immune activation. These processes can be relevant for maintaining immune homeostasis and for mediating autoinflammatory and chronic inflammatory diseases. There, disease relevance of uncovered new mechanisms of innate immune activation are regularly tested in a range of preclinical models and human translational studies with biomaterial from patients and observational clinical trials. The Latz lab has furthermore identified novel therapeutic targets and spun-out several biotech companies to translate the basic research findings into novel medicines and preventative approaches.


For the To_Aition project, the Latz group developed a purpose-built human cell model for studying immune responsiveness in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The group further employs animal models of Western-diet induced multimorbidity and uses genetically engineered mice to decipher molecular pathways involved in depression and multimorbidity.

Matthew Mangan, PhD

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