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Ms. Michelle van Heteren.jpg

Ms. Michelle van Heteren, Project Manager / Researcher

Dr. Fabien Abeille.jpg

Dr. Fabien Abeille,

Sr. R&D Scientist

Dr. Alvaro Conde.jpg

Dr. Alvaro Conde,

Sr. R&D Scientist

Dr. Elwin Vrouwe.jpg

The team at Micronit working on the TO_AITION project consists of skilled scientists and researchers with various areas of expertise within the field of microfluidics for biomedical applications, including: microfluidic flow dynamics, microfabrication, (bio)sensor integration, surface functionalisation and reagent integration.

Micronit will develop a point of care microfluidic prototype for the detection of key biomarkers associated with both cardiovascular disease and depression. The aim of the lab-on-chip is to create an easy-to-use, rapid and non-invasive prototype device to reduce the gap between research and clinical practice, enabling the performance of on chip operations that usually require dedicated machinery and trained personnel.

Dr. Elwin Vrouwe,

Sr. R&D Scientist

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