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Prof. Dimitrios I. Fotiadis


Dr. Vasileios Pezoulas


Ms. Angela Koloi

PhD student


Dr. Antonis Sakellarios


Dr. Fanis Kalatzis


The work in TO_AITION for the University of Ioannina (UOI) will be undertaken by Prof. Fotiadis research unit, the Unit of Medical Technology & Intelligent Information Systems (MedLab). MedLab is a highly innovative and self-contained research unit strongly activated in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and development of Intelligent Information systems. It has an internationally acknowledged excellence in conducting high quality scientific research and developing innovative Information Technology (IT) applications, products and services. Its main expertise is on the multi-scale modelling, data driven and AI modelling, sensors development and other in the field of biomedical engineering. MedLab’s research activities cover a variety of subjects, and they are classified into the following domains: Multiscale modelling of human organs, biomedical engineering, processing and analysis of big datasets with medical data, wearable systems for monitoring and management of chronic diseases and intelligent information systems. Most of the Unit activities are based on international collaborations in the framework of European and Nationally funded projects (FP5, FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020). 

The contribution of MedLab in the TO_AITION is focused on the following activities:

1. Harmonization of the available cohorts in the project

2. Development of synergistic networks and identification of synergies between the CVD and depression

3. Identification of causal mechanisms between CVD and depression

4. Development of diagnostic and prognostic machine learning and AI models for CVD-depression comorbidities

5. Development of the TO_AITION risk stratification platform 

6. Exploitation plan 

7. Technical management. 

Ms. Stavroula Tassi

PhD student

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