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Dr. Kalliopi Thanopoulou

Project Manager

EXELIXIS is an independent SME located in Athens, Greece. Its main focus is to provide comprehensive support and a wide range of management services to EU, international and national collaborative projects in the field of Research and Technological Development, from their planning and preparation to their initiation and full implementation.


The tasks undertaken by EXELIXIS for the TO_AITION project are aligned with the company’s expertise. EXELIXIS leads Tasks 8.1 and 8.2 that relate to the dissemination of the project’s results. The principal objective is to spread the project’s news and findings within and beyond the consortium. To this end EXELIXIS has developed and maintains the TO_AITION website and social media accounts and has also created various dissemination material (such as poster, flyer, electronic newsletters, etc.). EXELIXIS assists in the organization and participation of the consortium in relevant workshops and meetings to help raise awareness of the project and increase its visibility. WP8 leader EXELIXIS, together with UOI and ESC, aim to support the optimal market-oriented implementation of the knowledge and technologies that will be developed and validated by the TO_AITION and transfer this knowledge to all relevant stakeholders.

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