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J. A. Bosch

Associate professor

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Dr. Jie Li

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Rick Quax

Assistant Professor

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C. (Cillian) Hourican MSc

The UvA team has expertise in multivariate statistics, multivariate information theory, causal discovery, and network science. They also have prior experience working in biomedical applications. Dr. Rick Quax and Dr. Jie Li focus on developing new methods for identifying polyadic (specifically synergistic) relationships in data and use them to construct (multilayer) hypergraphs. Dr. Jos Bosch is an expert in the psychobiology of medical disorders, with the aim to understand and mitigate the impact of such diseases. He has a special interest in multi-morbidities. His work includes experimental laboratory studies, clinical investigations, and epidemiological data analyses.

The goal is that building multilayer hypergraphs from data reveal more about how morbidities are related to each other as compared to networks consisting only of dyadic (pairwise) relationships, which is the common practice today. Building these hypergraphs is performed through information-theoretic analyses, which have the benefit of being non-parametric and capable of dealing with non-linear and/or categorical data. Challenges include computational efficiency, theoretical interpretation, and distilling structure from these even more complex network structures. These networks can be built using either associations (information-theory based) or causations (using causal discovery methods). Prof. Dr. Jos Bosch focuses on interpreting the results of analyses and ensuring relevance to health-related applications.

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