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Prof. Georg Ehret

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Prof. Georg Ehret, MD is a physician scientist with expertise in preventive cardiology. He is the lead of the HUG lipid clinic and the HUG hypertension clinic in cardiology (Department of internal medicine, Cardiology in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland). Kevin DOBRETZ, MSc is a biologist and analyst with experience in monogenic disease, complex traits, and clinical studies. Prof. Ehret’s group is using various methods to understand the role of genetic variation in phenotypic variation. They aim to understand how genetic variation contributes to disease or disease predisposition and develop methods to better understand the genetic impact in preventive cardiology.

UNIGE’s main focus in TO_AITION is on genome-wide analysis of gene expression variation and cellular phenotypes and association with nucleotide variation. The hypothesis is that we will be able to detect functional genetic variation in regulatory elements and subsequently use regulatory variation and accurately measure gene expression to explain diseases phenotypes by genotypes. Gene expression variation is interrogated by either deep mRNA sequencing or expression arrays.

UNIGE will be leading the work on reference datasets in order to inform the modelling of co-morbidities and causal inference, a thread that spans across different WPs.

Kevin Dobretz, MSc

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