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2023 Cytokines Meeting, Athens, Greece (15-18 October 2023)

The 2023 Cytokines Meeting, assembled in Athens, attracted global researchers unifying forces to bring together individuals with varied perspectives and backgrounds. Against the scenery of the city's historical impact, participants engaged in substantive discussions, presenting the forefront of their research. Athens' cultural affluence complemented the scientific discourse, fostering an environment supporting to networking and collaborative endeavors. The event's importance extended beyond mere technological strides, leaving an enduring sense of unity and collective purpose within the realm of cytokine research. This meaningful imprint significantly contributes to the ongoing narrative of the field.

Dr. Andreakos' lab has been actively investigating the potential role of this latest interferon member in relation to brain function and obesity. This exploration is motivated by the observed association of IFNa with cardiovascular disease and depression. Effrosyni Koronaiou, a PhD candidate in Andreakos' lab, shared her research, supported by the TO AITION EU project, through an oral presentation. Recognizing the excellence of her in-person abstract presentation, she was also honored with a travel award. The abstract focused on the Interferon Lambda family, revealing previously undiscovered interactions with the central nervous system.


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