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TO_AITION at the NetSci 2023 Conference

PhD candidates Stavroula Tassi and Angela Koloi from the University of Ioannina - MedLab, along with Arja Rydin PhD candidate from VUMC Amsterdam, participated in the Network Science Conference held in Vienna from July 10th to 14th.

Stavroula Tassi presented an oral presentation titled "Higher-order interactions: An efficient heuristic for identifying synergistic interactions in 'big' data" on July 12th, while Angela Koloi delivered an oral presentation titled "A data-driven structure learning analysis of depressive disorders, metabolic syndrome, and numerous factors: incorporating domain experts' perception of underlying causal interrelations" on the same day.

Arja Rydin presented a poster on a new method to find links between depression and cardiovascular disease using multipartite projection on July 14th. The presentation included collaboration with Dr. Rick Quax  and Dr. Jie Li from UvA Amsterdam.

Congratulations to Stavroula, Angela and Arja for their valuable contributions to the Network Science Conference!


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