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UOI @ Amsterdam

During the two-month period of 01/04/22-31/05/22, two PhD students from the UOI team, Angela Koloi and Stavroula Tassi had the opportunity to visit the TO_AITION partners in Amsterdam. The purpose of the visit was the close collaboration of the UOI, UVA and VUMC teams and thus to accelerate the progress of their joint work on “Multiplex disease network”. Moreover, the interactions with domain experts (Jos A. Bosch, Associate professor at the Department of Psychology; Femke Lamers, Associate Professor; Principal Investigator at the Department of Psychiatry Amsterdam UMC; and Yuri Milaneschi, Assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry) aimed to increase productivity and quality of the work, by providing validation of the changes performed in the developing machine learning model, whenever that was necessary. Overall, the work trip was significantly beneficial to the progress of WP2.


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