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About our Project

Depression is a common and serious comorbidity of cardiovascular disease (CVD) affecting one in three patients, among which women earlier and more frequently. Both diseases pose a significant economic burden to households, the health system and society.


The EU-funded TO_AITION project aims to understand CVD-depression co/multimorbidities, unwind causative mechanisms and biomarkers, and develop novel tools and research directions for improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these highly prevalent and devastating conditions.

TO_AITION’s main objective is to bridge the knowledge gap that drives CVD -depression comorbidity by integrating basic, preclinical and clinical research in order to identify the underlying immune-metabolic mechanisms that lead to these diseases.


About our Team

The TO_AITION EU-funded program is comprised of a highly multidisciplinary group of researchers with complementarity in diverse areas of research and specialties.


This includes medical experts, cardiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, biologists and immunologists, epidemiologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and biomedical engineers, mathematicians, statisticians and artificial intelligence experts, software engineers, lab-on-a-chip experts and health research experts from 10 world-leading institutions of clinical and research excellence, 3 pioneering SMEs, and the European Society of Cardiology, one of the largest medical associations in the world.

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