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1st ESC / TO_AITION webinar

The first webinar of the TO_AITION series, organized by our partner ESC, aired on May 13, 2024, via the ESC 365 platform. This session focused on the Genomics of Cardiovascular Risk Factors, aiming to educate clinical and non-clinical scientists on the complex relationship between genetic factors and cardiovascular disease, along with exciting advancements in identifying genetic risk factors and using tools to construct polygenic scores.

Dr. Sander W. van der Laan from partner UVA hosted the webinar, but also explained how a polygenic score (PGS) is constructed. Prof. Georg Ehret from partner UNIGE discussed clinical settings of CVD and the challenges involved. Additionally, our external invited speaker, Prof. Teemu Niiranen from the University of TURKU, Finland, addressed the application of polygenic scores in cardiovascular risk assessment.

You can watch this exciting inaugural webinar of the TO_AITION project by clicking the link below:

A big thank you to our host and speakers for this interesting webinar!


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